How We Deliver


Expo 2020 Dubai

The World’s Greatest Show. Bringing together over 15 million people from around the world for the largest event ever to be held in the region.


To drive 25 million visits to the event

To build a global movement across social media channels that inspires action and drives visitation. The ultimate challenge in destination marketing.

The Steps
First Step

We are constantly planning, testing, and analysing the content strategy, messaging construct, and audience sentiment across social media channels. By working closely with Facebook, Google and Twitter, we leverage deep insights to further refine our approach.

Second Step

With a dedicated Expo team that’s semi seconded, we have built an integral part of the Expo 2020 marketing structure. Having streamlined efforts with internal social, comms & editorial teams we are able to deliver high quality at pace.

Third step

We have a content team dedicated to the account, consisting of designers, video producers and animators, that create every form of content required for the ‘always on’ approach, as well as integrating into the global campaigns

Fourth Step

We have built a dedicated community management team, armed with insights & trained by 3rd party specialists in crisis management. The team is able to cover all platforms, fielding 100+ inquiries per day.

Fifth Step

Outside of the ‘always on’ work across the social channels, our role extends to working alongside the Comms agencies to plan the social roll out of the global campaigns. From strategic approach to content delivery.