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Red bull air race

The global leader in functional energy drinks & branded content. Creator of the Red Bull Air Race world series


deliver global social engagement

Develop & deliver all elements of a holistic social strategy, driven by world class content creation, in near real time.

The Steps
First step

With multiple locations, assets & platforms, our first step was to understand what content needed to be created and where, then how it would sit across channels for maximum engagement.

Second step

A detailed strategy for each event allowed us to pre plan visuals & animations, ensure we had the right content creators at each location around the city, and a command center in the media office.

Third step

For the 3 days of the event we would be collating all media from our content team and managing distribution across digital channels in real time. TVC quality content, live edited on site.

Fourth Step

From continually trending to reaching some of the highest engagement rates achieved in the local market. After 4 years of managing the Red Bull Air Race, the results speak for themselves.

Fifth Step
What's Next?

Building on our work with the Red Bull Air Race, we have now worked on the Cliff Diving World Championships, Car Park Drift Finals & numerous smaller projects for the brand.